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These are screencaps from our latest release: Behemoth Defeat, and are owned by The Collector, Inc., a subsidiary of

Laser Systems Development Corp

Please do not freak out when you see a charge from Laser Systems on your statement!

Our latest release!

Behemoth Defeat!

Kajira bought a One Gallon bag!

Could she hold it all in one go?



About Enemarotica and My-Enema!

This is now Enemarotica's site for everything! was always our main site for tapes, then for DVDs

Along came"", dedicated only to downloads. No big deal, right?

Soon, 90% of our business flipped from DVDs to downloads.

So, we've moved Enemarotica's DVDs and equipment to the same domain. gives you one extremely secure shopping cart for "enema everything"!

So, what is this site all about?

Many of you have experiences with enemas that influenced your life and we seek to re-create these moments -

- on DVD,

in Video Downloads

in Photos

and in viewer-submitted stories.

25 years worth of Enemarotica video, converted to Hi-Res Downloads!

They're listed alphabetically in the My-Enema Theatre.

25 years worth of Enemarotica video, still available on

Anika Sondholm Productions

Enemarotica is the sole agent and distributor for Anika's excellent DVD's and Downloads.  Anika has been associated with Enemarotica video since its beginning in the 1990s and she recently began producing her own material. We are very pleased to be able to represent her at Enemarotica!

Enema PhoneSex, Anyone?


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One year memberships are no longer available, but existing 1-Year members can still log into the same place.

Get 10% off downloads and DVDs, plus 6 new and classic Enemarotica scenes every week!

Member's Area

Updated 17 August

Our Members' Area contains 6 complete scenes from various Enemarotica videos, averaging 15 minutes or more! We rotate in six new segments every week, giving monthly members 24 scenes during the course of their membership!

The price of a one week membership is $11.95. Our one month non-recurring membership is $19.95.

Members get a 10% discount on downloads and DVDs!


This Week's Selections:

Sabrina, the 3-qt Paris and a Silver Bullet!

Scene 1 from "Jennifer's Revenge"!

Jordan tries the antique BF Goodrich "Sojourn" bag!

Kajira's Secret Fetish, the finale!

Sabrina, some Cabernet and amber latex!

10 Years Earlier! Earlier Sabrina, earlier amber latex!

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My-Enema will never sell or give your information to a third party. Not even Stonefox.

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