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What My-Enema is all about!

My-Enema is your web site for personal recollections of enemas given, received, or observed. Many of you have experiences with enemas that influenced your life and we seek to re-create these moments. Click on the Product Catalog and you will be able to watch a short video where our model tells you what was experienced. If you are a Member you will be able to see great pictures from the feature in the Member's Gallery that you can look at.

In addition to being able to view the videos from the product catalog, you will be able to go to the Member's Area and see video clips from My-enema DVD's and Stonefox DVD's.

From the Product Catalog you will be able to order a DVD featuring the narrative and an even more complete re-creation of that enema. Our DVD's are 20 to 60 minutes long and priced at only $19.95 to $29.95. is pleased to announce that we have begun offering videos as downloads in our My-Enema Theater.  Check out these new releases!


Kajira, Onyx Raye & Buffy

Kajira, Onyx Raye & Buffy in "Spring Cleaning" (Parts 1 and 2) . Available in the My-enema Theater!

Casey. Available in the My-enema Theater!

Enema Soccer Moms 6. Available in the My-enema Theater!

Buffy Stuffed. Available in the My-enema Theater!

Sabrina 3. Available in the My-enema Theater!

Buffy 5. Available in the My-enema Theater!

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Member's Area

Our Member's Area contains 6 great video segments. These are complete scenes that are as long as 12 minutes! We will rotate five new segments in each week! The price of a one week membership is $11.95. Our one month non-recurring membership is $14.95. You do not have to be a member to purchase downloads or DVDs. Members get a 10% discount on purchases of downloads, DVD's and Blu-ray! You also have the option to play them on your Apple product!

Kajira's Big Nozzle

Kajira takes 2½ quarts using a very long nozzle !



Kajira gets her temperature taken, rectally !


Kara gets a fifth enema!

Tori's Spring cleaning!

Anna gets her first enema!

Casey gets her first enema!


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Anika Sondholm Productions

Stonefox Productions, Inc., and Anika Sondholm Productions, Inc., are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with ASP to sell and distribute their excellent DVD's and Downloads.  Anika has been associated with Stonefox since its beginning and began producing her own material. We are very pleased to be able to represent her and they are available at!

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My-Enema feels that we need to make an effort to keep our explicit pictures out of the reach of children. You can see previews with all the pictures in our Member's Area.

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