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These are screencaps from our August release: Moxie Mae, Stood Up Again!

Our August Release is a another solo session (once again, not by choice)!

Moxie Mae Was Stood Up - AGAIN!


Extended Video Selections for Long-Term Memberships!

Until now, Long-Term (One Year) Members could watch the latest ten videos produced by Enemarotica, plus another twelve to be released during their one-year membership.

WeI figured, "Why not make it the latest 12 instead of the latest 10? Then, members would get a full TWO YEARS' WORTH, 24 first-run videos in all."

It's a no-brainer, for no reason other than to thank my loyal customers who have suffered along with me for a couple of months ,when tapes were lost in the post, actresses didn't turn up and Murphy's Law plagued every production.

Now, I have a request for all current Long-Term Members:

I've tacked a month onto every member who joined before July of 2018 to cover for the July release that never happened, plus an extra month for being patient.


Just to make sure you get everything you paid for, I'm asking that if you believe I dropped the ball, missed your membership and you're missing any months at all, please contact me! I can easily check the records to see what I missed and correct the problem immediately!


Long-Term Member's Area

A One-Year Membership gives you instant access to Enemarotica's TWELVE latest video releases, full-length and uncensored,

Plus, you'll get the next 12 new videos we release during the year of your membership!

(We try to release one video every month, but we don't always make it. You'll still get 12 new videos.)

24 new, full-length videosl! A $358.80 value for $150!

Details HERE., and are owned by The Collector, Inc., a subsidiary of

Laser Systems Development Corp

Please do not freak out when you see a charge from Laser Systems on your statement!

About Enemarotica!

This is Enemarotica's site for everything!

It started a few years ago as "", dedicated only to downloads.

Now we've moved Enemarotica DVDs and equipment here, too.

This gives you one extremely secure shopping cart for everything!

So, what is this site all about?

Many of you have experiences with enemas that influenced your life and we seek to re-create these moments -

- on DVD,

in Video Downloads

in Photos

and in viewer-submitted stories.

We have a mailing list. You are not automatically on it.

You can subscribe to The Collector and Anika's irregular Newsletter, announcing new releases, freebies, video downloads and other events.

We will never sell or pass your email address on to anyone. You're safe. Full stop.

33,030 Enema Photos on one disc!

The Collector's Complete Photo Archive on a DVD-ROM! - Rev. 10.2 released!

20 years worth of Enemarotica video, converted to Hi-Res Downloads!

They're listed alphabetically in the My-Enema Theatre.

20 years worth of Enemarotica video, still available on

Short-Term Member's Area

Updated 11 August

Our Short-Term Member's Area contains 6 great video segments. These are complete scenes, averaging 15 minutes or more! We rotate in six new segments each week, giving monthly members 24 video scenes during the course of their membership!

The price of a one week membership is $11.95. Our one month non-recurring membership is $19.95.

You do not have to be a member to purchase downloads or DVDs, but members get a 10% discount on purchases of downloads and DVDs! You also have the option to play them on your Apple product!

Violet and Moxie Mae from "Enemas 'Til Clear"!

Kajira and the Seamless "Nearkid"!

Natasha manages to take a 3-quart enema with the Davol "Paris"!

Tori, a Silver Bullet and the Seamless "Nearkid"!

Sabrina gives Drake an enema and a BJ at the same time!

Violet fills up on hands and knees with the Seamless "Nearkid"!

Been looking for those expulsion and "scat" scenes we have to edit out of My-Enema videos?

First, be sure they're legal in your locality, then click here for DVD orders.

If you prefer downloads, the links are right below the DVDs.

Or you could save several hundred dollars and, in addition, get every Expulsion scene The Collector has ever produced!

Just join the Long-Term Members Area and check out "the back room".

Want to make up to $500/hour as an Enemarotica Model? Click here!


Link to a great enema group ( who have a great chatline!

Enema PhoneSex, Anyone?

For a limited time only, it's only $1.99/minute (regularly $2.99/minute)

New Customer Bonus: $5 off your first call.

Click here for more info

Anika Sondholm Productions

Enemarotica is the sole agent and distributor for Anika's excellent DVD's and Downloads.  Anika has been associated with Enemarotica since its beginning in the 1990s and she recently began producing her own material. We are very pleased to be able to represent her at!

Check out Stonefox Productions on Clips4sale:

My-Enema feels that we need to make an effort to keep our explicit materials out of the reach of children. That's why it takes proof-of-age in the form of a credit card to obtain our videos.

My-Enema will never sell or give your information to a third party. Not even Stonefox.

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