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We're back!


Our hosting company had some sort of crash. We had to transfer in thedaily backup and check it for nalware and glitches -

and that took a while. But we're back with all cylinders firing and all security measures functioning!

We've also cured an annoying problem with the SALE coupon!

Winter Clearance SALE!

All those downloads are taking up too much room on the shelf!

And if you believe that, we have a bridge in Brooklyn we can sell you. Actually, we need to get our income caught up yo pay corporate taxes in March, always a dis,al chose. But you can help!

50% off all downloads in the My-Enema Theatre!

This is your chance to fill in your collection!

Enter coupon Code: FebSale

Sale ends March 1st.

OurLatest Release:

Isabel Drops In!


Now Playing in the My-Enema Theatre!

Rae Drops In!

Isabel Love

Do you know a potential Enemarotica model?

We've lost Tori, Sabrina, Riley, Bonni and even Kajira! Marriage, moving or different circumstances - models often come and go. But never all at the same time! If you know of anyone who might qualify and be interested in making really great money, as well as having a lot of fun. please have them contact us!

About Enemarotica and My-Enema!

My-Enema is now Enemarotica's site for everything! was always our main site for tapes, then for DVDs

Along came"", dedicated only to downloads. No big deal, right?

Soon, 90% of our business flipped from DVDs to downloads.

So, we've moved Enemarotica's DVDs and equipment to the same domain. gives you one extremely secure shopping cart for "enema everything"!

So, what is this site all about?

Many of you have experiences with enemas that influenced your life and we seek to re-create these moments -

- on DVD,

in Video Downloads

in Photos

and in viewer-submitted stories

26 years worth of Enemarotica video, converted to Hi-Res Downloads!

They're listed alphabetically in the My-Enema Theatre.

26 years worth of Enemarotica video, still available on


Anika Sondholm Productions

50% off all Anika Sondholm Downloads! during Oktoberflush

When choosing your title(s), enter coupon code Anika123

Enemarotica is the sole agent and distributor for Anika's excellent DVD's and Downloads.  Anika has been associated with Enemarotica video since its beginning in the 1990s and she recently began producing her own material. We are very pleased to be able to represent her at Enemarotica!

37,126 Enema Photos on one disc!

Rev.12.0 released March 28th 2020!

On sale for HALF-PRICE during the January Sale!!

The Collector's Complete 26-year Photo Archive on one DVD-ROM!

Click Here for details

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You can subscribe to The Collector and Anika's irregular Newsletter, announcing new releases, occasional free videos and other events.

We will never sell or pass your email address on to anyone. You're safe. full stop.

Member's Area

Members get 10% off downloads, DVDs and equipment, plus they get 6 new and classic Enemarotica scenes every week!

Six New Selections for 24 February

Our Members' Area contains 6 complete scenes from various Enemarotica videos, averaging 15 minutes or more!

We rotate in six new segments every weekend (Saturday or Sunday), giving monthly members 24 scenes during the course of their membership!

The price of a one week membership is $11.95. Our one month non-recurring membership is $19.95.


This Week's Selections:

Sabrina takes 3 quarts from the Daviol "Paris" with a Silver Bullet nozzle!

Kajira begins her Colon Purification Rite with an antique Davol "Comfy" syringe!

Jordan and the BF Goodrich "Sojourn" folding travel syringe!

Siobhán on hands and knees with the Seamless "Nearkid" syringe!

Sabrina's Flush, Scene 2 with the Davol "Travelfold"!

Kajira and Onyx Raaye begin their Sleep

Been looking for those messy expulsion scenes we have to edit out of My-Enema downloads?

First, be sure they're legal in your locality, then click here for DVD and Download orders.

Check out Stonefox Productions on Clips4sale:

Parental Control Advisory:

Enemarotrica feels that we need to make an effort to keep our explicit materials out of the reach of children. That's why it takes proof-of-age in the form of a credit card to obtain our videos.

Enemarotica will never sell or give your information to a third party.

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